Production Design

I am a Danish Production Designer living in Copenhagen. I am educated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. I have been creatively and technically responsible for many projects from TV-series to Games. I am an easy learner when it comes to new software and solutions for the specific project, and i have great knowledge in a big variety of software for Film and Game Making.



I got my first experiences with animation from The National Film School of Denmark, where I was a part of several animated projects as a Production Designer. Since the Final Project in 2014. I have worked on different projects for the National Television of Denmark.



I have worked as a photographer over the most of Europe.  I take photos with the very light sensitive camera Sony A7s, which is capable of connecting old 60s lenses. As my favorite subjects are the 60s subcultures, I have the possibility of taking digital photos, but with the authentic filmic vintage look.


Games & Apps

I have great experience in making games for both children & adults, in the game engine Unity. I have been working with 2D Graphics, Character Animation and UI Design, as well as implementing these inside of Unity. I know the fundamentals of programming in C#, and have made the game, Trump Escape, entirely on my own.



I have worked with compositing on many projects. Color grading, Visual Effects and Particle Systems making atmosphere and smoke is all a part of my tool set.


Adobe Wizard

I have been working with all of the Adobe Software since I was 11 years old. I am a technically strong Production Designer, with a high expertise in especially After Effects and Photoshop.


Rigging & Scripting

I have been working with Rigging Characters & Scripting in After Effects for many years. I scripted an automatic lip sync system, we used as part of our Animated shows on the Danish Television. I also developed a system for talking asses used by another director. It made the ass cheeks automatically wobble to the sound of the actors voices.


Filming & Editing

I have shot music videos, interviews, fashion films and footage for cutout animation using my personal Sony A7s. I use mainly Adobe Premiere Pro when I edit projects.