Næste Års Tv – DR2

This was the second season I made animation for the tv show “Næste Uges Tv” with Anders Lund Madsen and Poul Nesgaard. This season we were told to make political satire. DR2 wanted it to be boundary breaking and over the limit.
The animation series was created by Kristian Nordentoft and I. We had 5 days to come up with ideas for sketches, producing, and animating the episodes. Therefor we chose a very crude style of cutout with quick and limited animation.

The show survived for 4 episodes before it was censored for the first time. As we made fun of the most lovable person on danish television, “Bonderøven“.
We managed to do one more episode before the show was completely censored. In the forbidden episode, we poked fun at the danish minister of immigration, Inger Støjberg.

Den Store Bagedyst med Martin Henriksen


Debatten med Søren Pind