Motion Capture in the DR Concerthall

I programmed, designed and executed this live animated performance in the concerthall of the danish broadcast association, DR Koncerthuset. The dance was performed by the ballerina Jessica Lyall, and the live concert was performed by a combination of the DR Bigband and the DR Symphony orchestra.

The live animation was projected on to a 15×9 meters tall net across the stage with the dancer performing in the motion capture suit and the Orchestra behind her. This gave the effect of a huge hologram dancing live to the music.

I programmed the scene in Unreal Engine and made it possible to control the particle and VFX with a midi controller.

You can see a short view of the concert here, and a little behind the scene footage:

I earlier had my series Nataben & Møgdyret performed as a musical in the concert hall of DR, which we also did tests of live animating the 2D characters as holograms: