Min Uimodståelige Mand

I worked as the motiongraphics designer on the documentary “The Irresistible Man”/ “Min Uimodståelige Mand” about gender equality. I designed the titlesequence aswell as 3 motion graphics statistics during the film, and the overall graphic design such as posters and name tags. The film was directed by Mette Korsgaard and produced by Hansen og Pedersen…

Downbeat Impact

I regularly animate the facebook event covers of the Copenhagen based 60’s jamaican music club, Downbeat Impact. Animated Facebook Cover   Video Trailer   Animated Facebook Cover With Sound


I animated this as a Facebook event cover for the german band Bikes, performing in Copenhagen.  

Lyden af Louis Venner

I was the Production Designer for the Final Film by Kristian Nordentoft at the National Film School of Denmark. Besides designing the general concept of the film, I worked with animation, compositing, special effects, color grading. I designed and animated the Title Sequence as well. Title Sequence   The whole film