Gåden om Odin

I did the Technical Direction on the animated bits on the documentary called “Gåden om Odin / The mystery of Odin” on DR2. I furthermore animated & composited the series. The animations was designed by Frederik Troels-Smith and also composited and animated by Asger Kjærholm. The series was about the origins of Odin in danish…

Min Uimodståelige Mand

I worked as the motiongraphics designer on the documentary “The Irresistible Man”/ “Min Uimodståelige Mand” about gender equality. I designed the titlesequence aswell as 3 motion graphics statistics during the film, and the overall graphic design such as posters and name tags. The film was directed by Mette Korsgaard and produced by Hansen og Pedersen…

Halløj på Kvanten

I designed and animated the title sequence and worked as the compositor for the mini-series “Halløj på Kvanten”. The series was directed by Anders Morgenthaler, and is made as an education project about Quantum Physics for highschool student, in collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Example Episode

Æ Hvide Sande Spil – 2018

I am currently making a game about a small boy moving from Copenhagen to the small fisherman town of Hvide Sande. Not long after his arrival to Hvide Sande, strange things happens, and what appears to be UFO’s is hovering over the town. It is a West Jutlandic Sci-Fi Adventure for the whole family. Early…

Eventyret i Orkriget

This project was a concept for an Animated Series called “Eventyret i Orkriget” (The Adventure in the Ork Kingdom). The concept was made in collaboration with Director, Kristian Nordentoft. I designed the orc characters and made a system where you easily could construct a huge variety of ork armies out of premade assets, for bodyparts, armors…

Downbeat Impact

I regularly animate the facebook event covers of the Copenhagen based 60’s jamaican music club, Downbeat Impact. Animated Facebook Cover   Video Trailer   Animated Facebook Cover With Sound


I animated this as a Facebook event cover for the german band Bikes, performing in Copenhagen.  

Jytte – A Danish Hero

I worked as a lead compositor for the animated puppet short film, Jytte A Danish Hero. I did visual effects, animating the car driving through the neighborhood and color grading. The film was directed by Morten Zachariassen.